About Blum

Founded in 1952 by Julius Blum, with the first product being a horseshoe stud, Blum are now one of the worlds leading furniture fitting manufacturers.

With Blum products you can guarantee absolute and premium quality in everything from hinges to drawer runners. Blum rigorously test and are constantly looking for innovation and ideas when it comes down to their products. Each door hinge goes through 200,000 opening and closing cycles before it even makes it past the lab and onto the shelf so you can rest easy knowing that all of the kinks and problems have been worked out of the design and they are at optimum working quality and efficiency.

As well as being highly tested for efficiency Blum Hinges and runners are engineering marvels within themselves with, for example, the clip top Blumotion hinge consisting of 58 components that are fine tuned to eachother in order to provide a seamless working order is an example of this.